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Come on, 2021!

To all of my wonderful clients, friends, and family I wish to say, “We made it!” 2020 has been a grueling marathon of sorts and I am proud to say we are through it. I want to thank you for the mental health of great projects, good conversations of shared frustrations, and optimism. I pray […]

Designed a logo for…..NASA!!!!!!

We know it’s not great to brag, buuuuut Design Five Seven was chosen to create a logo for Lynx— a high-energy flagship mission concept funded for study by NASA for consideration in the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey. Lynx will provide unprecedented X-ray vision into the otherwise “Invisible” Universe with unique power to directly observe the dawn […]

Ice, Ice, Baby Update!

Ice, Ice, Baby Update!

Here’s an exciting update to my post below: Three years ago, my Mother-in-Law passed away from ALS after a 14-year battle with the disease. Having provided flyers and some promotional help for the numerous ALS Walks we had participated in, the latest #IceBucketChallenge sweeping the nation was greeted with, well, mostly confusion. How did […]

The 2016 Catalog is Here!

So excited to finally show off the 2016 EP Henry catalog! The design consists of a 112-page book chock full of new products,  color updates, exciting hardscaping projects, installation tips, and more. It is a collaborative effort to create this piece, but every year that D57 has been fortunate enough to be part of the process […]

Invisible Work

Soooo…what do you think of my latest projects posted above? Which one of these spectacular marketing pieces do you love most? Don’t you think they are simply grand?! Isn’t the use of color incredible? The font selection? The adherence to brand guidelines? The unique approach to strategy? The “you-fooled-me” Photoshop work? The infographics which are spot-on? Don’t […]

No Vacuums

As Graphic Designers, it is imperative that we fully understand any project set before us. Fully understand. As designers, we should have a 360º view of the project: the end-goal, the audience, the approval team, timelines, and budgets in order to appropriately and accurately create a piece. A piece which not only meets the expectations of the client but […]


Color Theory

A great article appeared on Yahoo today by David Pogue regarding the relationship of color. The article brings up a LOT of questions about the perceptions people have when relating to logos, products, etc.           For example, the main image (shown above) highlights the most common colorblindness combination: red/green. This color combination […]


This weekend, my husband and I watched the movie, “Birdman” featuring Michael Keaton—who is amazing—and Emma Stone—equally amazing—in a film about a former action movie star trying his hand at Broadway. Emma Stone’s character is a young adult recently out of rehab where she delivers a frustrated rant to her father. This is the link […]


Ever wonder if some of the online folks are right and that the world is shifting to everything with a battery and a plug? Then along comes the brilliant ad for the IKEA 2015 catalog. The latest ad singing the praises of a cordless, share-able, no-lag time page turner of a catalog is GENIUS. We all still […]


Recently, I was fortunate enough to experience a break from my own mind. A brief time “out of my own head” and into another place. A new, physical place. One that allows growth, experience, revitalization. It’s also called, “vacation”. Ahhh! What a wonderful word! Visiting a new language, country, or culture forces you to simply […]