This weekend, my husband and I watched the movie, “Birdman” featuring Michael Keaton—who is amazing—and Emma Stone—equally amazing—in a film about a former action movie star trying his hand at Broadway. Emma Stone’s character is a young adult recently out of rehab where she delivers a frustrated rant to her father. This is the link on YouTube but, be forewarned, there is a lot of cursing:

I love this tirade because I think it taps into something that is happening with the shift of a newer, impatient, online generation: We want and, more importantly, NEED to matter. Our obsession with Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Bitly, Facebook Tracking, and countless other sites which hyper-focus the online community to be noticed/track/be tracked. It can be exhausting, fascinating, intriguing. The issue is, though, relevance. Do you matter? Does your company matter? Are you making a lasting impression with your client base? This can be gray area but also an area of constant—and sometimes surprising—growth and change.

The bottomline is this: Yes, you matter! You are visiting this site and that makes you special. Want to find more ways to be special? Stand-out from the crowd? Make a lasting, positive impression? Start here. And you don’t have to have schizophrenic visions (as Birdman does) to make yours reality.

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