Recently, I was fortunate enough to experience a break from my own mind. A brief time “out of my own head” and into another place. A new, physical place. One that allows growth, experience, revitalization. It’s also called, “vacation”.

Ahhh! What a wonderful word! Visiting a new language, country, or culture forces you to simply experience life. In its purist, richest form. No hyper focusing on the tedious aspects of life or work or road rage or whatever it may be. But, quite simply, life. It is a gift we should allow ourselves. I know it is easy to forget that life is not work. Not all about work, anyway. Nor should it be. Leave your comfort zone. Find new ways to grow as a human. Be kind. Love. Eat. Experience new cultures. And allow this new experience to enhance your life, your work, and your vision on improving the world. This is my goal.

Now, go.

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