Always Hungry

I have an incredible appetite. I am pretty much always hungry. I don’t really know when it began but, alas, this is my reality. I also like to surround myself with people who share my overactive appetite. I find that I actually prefer people who like to obsess about food; oohing and aahing over every delicious thing they encounter. Finding people who are always hungry—like myself—can be challenging. Some claim to love food while picking apart even the best dish only to crave some over-processed, chemically-created boxed product. To me, a beautifully created meal is more than something you eat to sustain you. It can become a moment in time; a beautiful memory cherished and mentally re-tasted over and over. A wonderful meal is so much more than something you simply “eat”.

I feel this way about my designs—logos, especially—and crave exceptionally-designed, richly conceptual pieces. They are not just something I “design”. They are meant to be savored, enjoyed, and retained. I don’t like campaigns such as the massively over-commercialized “Got (fill in the blank)” concept that seems to hit every t-shirt design in existence. While it was a great milk campaign I am bored with it. Stop using it. Be creative. CREATE! Be unique and deliver for your customer. Try to be always hungry for a fresher design, concept, campaign. Are you hungry? I know I am.

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