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Ice, Ice, Baby Update!

Ice, Ice, Baby Update!

Here’s an exciting update to my post below: https://alsadotorg.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/nek1-gene-announcement/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=natlemail&utm_campaign=edau2016&utm_term=blog&utm_content=email2 Three years ago, my Mother-in-Law passed away from ALS after a 14-year battle with the disease. Having provided flyers and some promotional help for the numerous ALS Walks we had participated in, the latest #IceBucketChallenge sweeping the nation was greeted with, well, mostly confusion. How did […]


Color Theory

A great article appeared on Yahoo today by David Pogue regarding the relationship of color. The article brings up a LOT of questions about the perceptions people have when relating to logos, products, etc.           For example, the main image (shown above) highlights the most common colorblindness combination: red/green. This color combination […]


Ever wonder if some of the online folks are right and that the world is shifting to everything with a battery and a plug? Then along comes the brilliant ad for the IKEA 2015 catalog. The latest ad singing the praises of a cordless, share-able, no-lag time page turner of a catalog is GENIUS. We all still […]