One of the areas of great passion and success for D57 is the creation of logos. [Truly, what Graphic Designer worth their salt doesn’t love a good logo?!]

Over the years, D57 has created many logos. Strong word marks. Terrific icons. Marks that last. A good logo, icon or logotype says a lot about a company or a mission or a specific goal. The purpose is to communicate—quickly and concisely—with a mark that is meaningful, evocative, and clear. Sometimes they are beautiful and simple. Sometimes they are complex and elaborate. Always…always they should communicate more than simply the title and elude to more. They should be a mark that the graphic designer, the client, and the client’s company feel clearly and positively reflects the message.

We are lucky enough to have created such marks. Explore some of what we have created then contact us to create a mark that conveys your message.

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