Full Personal Presence

Today on Mashable, it announces that Gawker founder, Nick Denton, “King of All Things Media”,  will be marrying his longtime partner and the couple is requiring all attendees to check their cell phones at the door. “You can tend to your virtual presence — and your Twitter or Instagram followers — the next day,” said Denton, adding he wants attendees’ “full personal presence” for the six-hour wedding.

I love this. Haven’t we all been there? An exciting day, a meaningful day, a tribute to something or someone where you want everyone’s undivided attention? I know we all have experienced this. In this day and age of hyper-accessibility, sometimes we lose the interpersonal connections that we try so desperately to instill in our kids. Make eye contact. Say, “please” or “thank you”. Smile. Engage. Make a meaningful contribution and shake hands. Having “full personal presence” allows us to connect, listen, learn, build, grow, and live in a way that virtual experiences will never allow.

D57 proudly prefers to connect with clients in person. Smile. Engage. Make a meaningful contribution and shake hands. Let’s have lunch soon, ok?

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